Custom Made Weekend Breakfast

It is almost like a routine for me to go to Sungai Ara wet market every saturday to buy myself some breakfast. One of my all time favourite is the “koay kak”, served in front of a coffee shop beside the wet market. Although the ingredients are not much, but the koay kak is prepared right there and then and taste good too. You can always see some customers standing beside the stall awaiting their turn, and you can bet one of every 3 order there is some “special requirements” to it.


Yes, if you just stand there and listen to the customer’s order, you’ll notice there is actually a lot of combination to it, e.g. “No chilli”, “No eggs, No tau geh”…..etc.Looking at the “variable” ingredients available for this simple koay kak, we have:
1. Chilli
2. beansprout
3. kuchai
4. eggs
5. chai bo

2 possibilities for each ingredient, either “yes” or “no”, we have 2^5 possibilities of the order, which makes 32 combinations in total! It is quite a challenge to remember the combinations alone, what’s more to prepare it on the spot!

What to do, we Penangites are pampered with good food and all, every one developed their own unique taste bud…..for me, I always love the koay kak with all the ingredients, served hot.


One Response to “Custom Made Weekend Breakfast”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Hey, I went there also every Sat (if I wake up early), how come did not bump into you, I did bump into GH_Kim occasionally, hopefully I bump into you soon….

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