Rabbit Business

I was thinking of putting up this blog a few days ago, however, I was not feeling well to write anything for a few days. I was hit by irritating flu. Took some Horamine 4MG and now feeling a bit better. Anyway, here is the account. When I go back to my hubby’s hometown in SP, I always watch out for a group of rabbits that will hop around in the most leisurely way possible, oblivious to any danger around them. They would come out and play whenever the owner lets them out from their cage, and will go back to their cage after they are tired.

*This image is captured in the eveningThey have a good friend 🙂 , a dog, which doesn’t seem to take any interest in them at all. It is an interesting sight. Normally other rabbits would “run” for safety whenever there is a stranger going near them. However, these cute little rabbits doesn’t seem to mind any strangers at all, they just keep on with their rabbit “business” and just hop away a step or two when you go near them.  I wonder how they will be able to escape from some predators like nasty cats and dogs…..but amazingly they are still there……for more than a year!


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