I Hate To Be A Secondhand Smoker

I love to smell the cigarette smoke when I was a child. I used to go near those people who smoke and stay there quietly just to enjoy the smell. However, I cannot remember when was the first time I start to have response to cigarette smoke. I heard that anyone breathing secondhand smoke may experience runny nose, eye irritation, sneezing, headaches and coughing. Unfortunately, I have more severe problem. I developed “mental irritation” towards cigarette smoke, which will make me feel upset, anger, and even mad. I can even smell cigarette from a distance. I became really sensitive and allergy to it. It makes me sick!
NO Smoking

My dad was a smoker. He kept on telling people smoking made him feel so good, and relieved especially after taking his meal. I kept getting sick each time when he smoked until one day, I came across a “quit smoke” drops from a direct selling when I was in my secondary school. You know what did I do? I gave it to my dad as Father’s Day’s present and persuade him to try it out. At first, he felt reluctant to the product. But after I kept telling him on smoking risk and how he endangered his family’s lives by smoking in front of us, he took his first step. The stop smoking aid actually helped my dad to reduce and cease his cigarette consumption at a controlled pace. Gradually, my dad’s dependency to nicotine is reduced and he cut down on the number of cigarettes he smoked. He successfully quit smoking within 2 weeks’ time. Thank God! If not, I will have to suffer till now.I’m happy getting to know that up to date, eight countries have nation-wide laws in place that prohibit smoking in enclosed workplaces and public places, including bars and restaurants. They are Ireland , NorwayNew Zealand, Bhutan, Uruguay, Scotland, Singapore, Lithuania. In addition, legislation has been passed in 15  US States (including Washington DC), nine (of 13) Canadian provinces and territories, and seven (of eight) Australian states/territories.  Iceland and the rest of the UK  will implement laws during 2007. I wish that Malaysia will follow their steps soon.


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